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Service/Mentorship Opportunity
by posted 01/24/2020



As you may be aware, Coach Steve & I also coach our younger daughters on the 3rd grade MMoG team.  This Sunday 1/26/2020 we are lucky enough to have an extra hour of gym space from 12:00-1:00 @ HHS.  We'd like to invite our 5th and 7th grade girls to come during this time frame and act as mentors to the up-and-coming Saints.  I think the 3rd grades would benefit and love having the older girls come spend some time with them.  (The girls play from 11-12:00 if you'd like to see their game, just tell the front table you are a player with me/Coach Steve and you won't be charged admission.)


Please try to let me know if you can make it - this is 100% optional and there is no pressure to come, but it will help me organize a session that is beneficial and fun for everyone if I know how many mentors we have.  If your daughter comes, please have her wear her white MMoG jersey or an MMoG shooting shirt/sweatshirt.  



Coaches Candace & Steve



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MMoG 5th grade girls
by posted 01/24/2020

5th grade girls 1/26/2020
BYE WEEK - no game
Players are encouraged to support the other 5th grade team (in MMoG jersey) at 12:45 @ MMoG
Players are encouraged to support the 5th grade travel team (in Boro gear) at 3:45 @ 10 Jane way Morristown, 

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Basketball Positions
by posted 01/02/2020

Hello Everyone!  


I can't wait to see the girls tonight!  We will have a strategic practice (ie. not alot of running/sprinting or conditioning) and try to evolve our offense and master at least one new in-bound play.  In an effort to improve basketball IQ, I pulled a source that aptly explains the roles and positions on the court.  They are offensively focused, but give a great baseline understanding for parents and players alike.  I will be handing out a print out of the below link, but wanted you to have it for your own knowledge and talk-track as well.  Thanks!


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Welcome to CYO 5th Grade Girls!
by posted 10/29/2019

Welcome (back) to CYO girls basketball! 

My name is Candace Reigrod and Steve Mercurio and I will be the team coaches for your 5th grade daughter.  

A few things to get started:

* Practices start next week (!!) Nov. 6 at the MMOG gym @ 6:00PM.  If you cannot attend a practice or will be late/leave early, just let us know - it's not a big deal.  Please be dressed and ready to play at 6:00 to maximize our time.

*  Girls are required to bring a water bottle (no sport drinks, please), sneakers and athletic clothing.  Hair must be tied back away from her face (I can help with this) and NO JEWELERY is allowed.  Note:  please don't wear your basketball sneakers outside as the dirt wears them down and damaged the resin on the gym floors!  Wear slides/crocs/slip on boots into the gym and change when you arrive.


Please note that disparagement of any kind of referees, players, or coaches will not be tolerated by the Diocese and in the event that this occurs you may be asked to leave the premises.


This is a competitive, but fun-based program.  The idea here is to teach the game, win some games, learn some games and gain some personal confidence for each player.  Steve & I are volunteers and open to suggestions.  However, we ask that you use a 24-hour rule for post-game suggestions (sometimes we are tired or frustrated to rushing to get to another game since we are both coaching other teams as well.)  Each girl will get near-even playing time throughout the season.  We have 12 girls rostered which means girls will need to take turns on the short shifts.  I track this and will be as fair as possible while listening to your daughter and her preferences.


If you have questions prior to the season or at any time during, feel free to email me or text me.


Looking forward to a fun-filled season!



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