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Welcome Message Players & Parents - MMoG HS Girls - Johnson
by posted 01/16/2022

Dear Parents,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year.  My name is Niles Johnson (Mobile # 609-851-8823), I am the volunteer parent Coach/Manager.  I am excited to help the girls this season enjoy playing basketball, learn and find success on the court.  I have coached at MMoG for four seasons and I have be able to achieve significant success with my teams on and off the court due to the talent of the girls and I want to keep these momentum going.

If you are transitioning to high school age CYO basketball program for the first time, it is a little different than what you may have experienced if you participated in the CYO program from 4th to 8th grade.  The high school aged CYO Program is entirely run an organized by the MMoG board and it is a destination league where all games are played in Hillsborough.   There are NO practices associated with this program it is purely games on Sunday mornings.  It is my understanding we play each of the limited teams in the league twice and it's an opportunity to get the girls balanced and competitive game play.

As you are all aware from the various MMoG communications, the start of the program has been delayed due to the COVID-19 surge.  We are starting up this coming Sunday at 10:30 AM vs. At. James with our first game.  I asked that all the girls arrive 30 minutes prior to start and in the future at least 20 minutes prior to start dressed and ready to warm up.  I will introduce the girls to some offensive and defensive formations/set ups and will work on the girls learning their roles and responsibilities.  As they get older, I will be holding them accountable and responsible for themselves and each other, while they're on the court.

Please review and complete the following action items;

1.  Reply to this email directly/privately to me to acknowledge receipt.  Happy to answer any questions.

2.  I am in possession of all the girls uniforms with a roster and assigned # and uniform size based on your registration.  Starting at 1 PM on Monday January 17, 2021 they will be available in individually labeled bags and located in a covered bin on my front porch/steps.  I asked that everyone make their best effort to pick them up try them on and ensure there are no problems in advance of our game next Sunday.  My address is 2 Woodville Ter, Hillsborough NJ 08844.

3.  Please download the Sports Signup Play app and set up your daughters account (same email your registered with) so you can receive immediate updates and push notifications for changes made by the MMoG CYO program.

4.  Have your daughter text me directly for all issues, concerns and general communications.  It is a mandatory requirement to have a minimum of 1 parent include in a group text to monitor the conversation.  Not communicating with me is not acceptable and will impact player priority and play time.  Planning for each game and our # of players is important and this is important to do in advance and not last minute.

5.  Please review the Precautionary Health and Safety Measures on COVID-19 previously provide by MMoG.

6.  Please review this email with your daughters and my expectations, as I will be going over this when we get together for the first time this coming Sunday.

Thank you,

Niles Johnson - 609-851-8823 Cell

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