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The MMoG program will abide by all CDC recommendations to prevent the spread of Covid-19.  Below is a complete list of Covid and non-covid related expectations for all guests in our gym. 

  • In order to report a positive COVID test to the board, please fill out this Google Form.  Quarantine requirements are set by the CDC and can be found on their webpage:
  • For our 4th - 8th grade program, all adult coaches must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or submit weekly negative test results to the on-site administrator or person in charge of that parish’s athletic program for the sport in question. Adult coaches must show proof of vaccine to the onsite administrator.
  • THROUGH MARCH 7th, masks will be worn by all spectators for the duration of their time inside the gym - regardless of vaccination status.  Masks may be briefly lowered to enjoy concessions from the concession stand, but must be returned to cover the nose and mouth while not actively eating or drinking.  Please don't leave your paper masks in the bleachers - gross!
  • Social Distancing is encouraged.  
  • 3 spectators per basketball player will be allowed.
  • Entry to the MMoG gym will be permitted no more than 15 mins prior to scheduled tip off.  Players, families and coaches will be expected to wait in their cars until this time to allow for the gym to be completely empty from the prior game.  All entrances will be through the main lobby.
  • Exiting the gym will be through the gym door behind the bleachers.  Spectators, teams, coaches, and players are expected to exit the gym immediately following the final buzzer.  Please conduct post-game conversations during your next practice or once your team is outside.  Note:  concessions will not be available to persons after the game, please purchase post-game concessions during or before your game.  Incoming site managers, referees, board members, and those fulfilling work bonds may stay inside the gym, ALL other persons are required to exit the gym to allow for cleaning that may be necessary.  If you are staying for the game immediately following, you may re-enter at that time.
  • Players will be permitted to play the game without a mask, but will be required to wear a mask in team huddles or while waiting on the team bench - regardless of vaccination status.  Coaches will wear a mask in all huddes, but can remove it to coach from the sideline.

All participants:  guests, families, players, and coaches are expected to HONOR the game and demonstrate respect by:

  • Respecting coaches and letting them coach & respecting players and letting them play.  If you'd like to coach, we have plenty of opportunities to do so!  
  • Not addressing or confronting opposing teams:  players, coaches, other spectators.  Positive conversations are ok and encouraged!
  • Remain respectful of all officials - table and court referees.  Absolutely no name calling, threatening language will be tolerated.  This policy is enforced by the Site Manager.