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Extra Court Time Signup


Please use this poll to reserve gym time for your team. Please use all available gyms and times BEFORE splitting a gym for a second team practice. Maximum two teams per time slot.

Last team out turn off lights please and lock the lobby doors if they are open.  Failure to do this will put any future scheduled practices in jeopardy for your team.


To request time at other gyms:

There are a number of unused gym facilities that are available.  Keep in mind these are school gyms and are subject to be removed from the calendar.  Here is how to request and obtain these times for practice:

  1. Click on Master Schedule

  2. Choose the week you are looking to find a practice time.

  3. Locate any spot where it indicates TEAM as TBD

  4. Email, no more than two weeks before the request.

  5. In the email include your Team Name, the date, the time and the location of the request.

  6. Within 48 hours we will schedule your team in and it will appear on your team schedule.

  7. First come, first served.