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MMOG 3rd Grade Program Rules


  • Please arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to the start of your game to eliminate crowding in the hallways.
  • There will be a 30 minute practice time prior to each game.
  • 8 minute running time for the first three quarters. The clock will stop only on shooting fouls. In the 4th quarter the clock will stop on all whistles.
  • At the 4 minute mark of all four quarters the clock will be stopped and required substitutions will be made.
  • Foul shots will be shot at around 10ft mark. If the player would like to shoot from the foul line that is fine. Foul shooter cannot follow the foul shot as this is too great an advantage.
  •  No defense outside the 3-point arc. At the same time, there will be no “holding the ball” outside the 3-point arc at any point during the game.  If the referee determines that the ball is being held, a turnover will result.
  • Only "man to man" defense, no zone defense allowed.
  • There will be a prayer involving both teams at half court prior to the game
  • Seat belt rule is in effect. A coach may stand up to address a player and teach only! Only one coach may stand up at a time. Resist the temptation to shout out where to throw every pass and to shoot or dribble. It is very loud in the gyms and the kids will most likely not understand what you are saying. Let the kids learn by trying and succeeding or making mistakes.
  • We do keep score and records. It is competitive but please keep it in perspective. This is a time for learning. This is a Catholic league and good sportsmanship is demanded.
  • There will be ice available for bumps and bruises. In addition a small medical kit with band aids and gloves will be at the scorers table on each court.
  • The referees are HS boys and girls. This is an opportunity for them to interact with our children and that is pretty special. At no time shall a coach or fan address an official about a call.  Do not try to intimidate these young men and women. This is a zero tolerance policy on behavior.  If there is a problem please locate the site manager on duty.

There is admission charged for entrance to the games. This fee goes towards paying officials and gym rental fees. We do not charge teams an entrance fee for the league so the collection of these fees is necessary.


Adults    $2.00

Children    $1.00

Seniors    $1.00

Family    $5.00    


Please, no food in the gyms. We are guests of the Hillsborough Board of Education and the Hillsborough Athletic Department. Please monitor all children at all times. Please ensure that the area is cleaner then when we arrived. Please alert the site manager if there is a problem.