Closing the Gym

  1. Please place all basketballs on the ball racks by size and closet door is locked.
  2. Check all external doors in the gym to make sure they are closed and not ajar.
  3. Make sure all players have been properly picked up. Do not leave any child alone who is waiting for a ride. Likewise, do not create a situation where you are alone with any child other than your own UNLESS you have specific permission from that child’s parent.
  4. Make sure the fluorescent night lights are on so you can safely proceed to turn off the overhead flood lights. The “night light” switches are located by the door to the Church and by the normal exit door to the lobby.
  5. Turn off all gym flood lights. Use the two un-taped switches in the closet at the far left end of the gym.
  6. Turn off the fluorescent “night lights” in the gym.
  7. Check to see if there are other events occurring in the building. If so, those groups will lock the door. Typically, MMOG CYO is the last group in the building.
  8. To lock the lobby doors, use the long hex head key located on the fire alarm station panel located to the left of the lobby doors. Insert the hex key into the hole in any door that has a depressed push handle. Gently turn the hex key counterclockwise about ½ a turn and the door push bar will release inward toward the lobby. This indicates it is locked.
  9. Return the hex key to its place above the fire pull box. Turn off the lobby lights.
  10. Ensure that key has been returned to lockbox located on Parish Center lobby door.
  11. Exit the building.