Work Bond Program

Work Bond Requirements

  • Each player's family is asked to contribute volunteer service by signing up at SignUp  where needs are posted:
    • One shift and at most 3 hours for 4th - 8th grade CYO (depends upon schedule requirements)
    • 1 hour for 3rd grade
    • If you have children in multiple programs, each program requires a work bond signup.
  • Work Bond Fee
    • 4th - 8th Grade: $150
    • 3rd Grade: $75
  • Sign up opportunities will be posted throughout the season with the bulk being created as the Diocese provides the schedule.
  • Any person who signs up for a volunteer assignment and does not show to complete the hours will automatically forfeited their work bond monies. If a member is unable to complete an assignment they must go to SignUp and change the volunteer back to unassigned at least 24 hours prior to assignment.  Please be mindful when signing up that all unoccupied spots need to be filled if you decide after signing up that you are unable to work that shift.
  • Assignments will be available at 2 week intervals.
  • In order for volunteer time to be recorded it is THE VOLUNTEER'S responsibility to sign in when filling any volunteer assignment and that failing to do so may result in unrecorded hours which will not be considered for work bond refunds or roll over.
  • Head coaches and assistant coaches earn work bond hours, refundable upon the return of all uniforms.
  • Members of the board earn work bond hours by running the club.
  • If the full hours aren't worked and recorded the work bond will be forfeit and no refund or roll over will be given.


  • Upon completion of all hours of service, checks will be available for pickup at the end of the season; an email will go out once the date is set.
  • The volunteer hours are specific to the MMOG CYO program and hours volunteered for outside programs are not eligible.
  • If a Venmo account is provided at the time of signup, the refund will be issued through Venmo and we will try and refund as soon as possible.
  • The full amount must be worked in order to get a refund and time can/will be split into hour shifts as needed or required.
  • Refund checks will only be made payable to the person completing the online work bond registration.

Work Bond Tasks Explained

Gate: Sit at the table near the front door and collect money for admission into the game based on the provided pricing guidelines.

Concessions: Stand in the concessions/kitchen area and collect money for the items that are purchased.  Additionally, the kids who work the book and clock for the games will be providing a paper signed by the site manager indicating they can be paid for their time.  Please see the site manager for location of the funds to hand to the workers.  The person working the opening shift will be expected to help setup the concessions.

Team Manager: Organize all non-game related activities.  This includes:

  1. Entering the team schedule (games and practices) into TeamSnap
  2. Putting scores into TeamSnap
  3. Uniform distribution
  4. End of Season Pizza Social
  5. Distribution of spirit wear and team pictures
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