• The gym will be available 15 minutes prior to your scheduled game. Please instruct your players to not arrive
  • Clock:
    • 6 minute running time for the first three quarters. The clock will stop only on shooting fouls.
    • In the 4th quarter the clock will stop on all whistles.
    • At approximately the 3 minute mark of all four quarters, the clock will be stopped and
      required substitutions will be made.
    • Foul shots will be shot at around the10ft mark. If the player would like to shoot from the
      foul line, that is fine. Foul shooter cannot follow the foul shot as this is too great an
    • No defense outside the 3-point arc.
    • There will be no “holding the ball” outside the 3-point arc at any point during the game.  If the referee determines that the ball is being held (a stall), a turnover will result.
    • There will be a prayer involving both teams at half court prior to the game. Do not
      forget this!
    • Seat belt rule is in effect. A coach may stand up to address a player and teach only! Only
      one coach may stand up at a time. Coaches please resist the temptation to shout out where to throw every pass and to shoot or dribble.
    • There is no coaching allowed by parents from the stands. It is very loud in the gyms and the kids will most likely not understand what you are saying. Let the kids learn by trying and succeeding or making mistakes.
    • Only two coaches are allowed on the bench.
    • We do keep score; it is competitive but please keep it in perspective. This is a time for
      learning. This is a Catholic league and good sportsmanship is not optional.
    • First aid will be at the scorers table on each court.
    • The referees are Hillsborough HS boys and girl’s CYO players. This is an opportunity
      for them to interact with children and that is pretty special. At no time shall a coach or fan
      address an official about a call. Do not try to intimidate these young men and women.
      This is a zero tolerance policy on behavior. If there is a problem please locate the site
      manager on duty.
    • There is admission charged for entrance to the games. This fee goes towards paying
      officials and gym rental fees.
    • Please, no food is allowed in the Hillsborough School District gyms. We are guests of the Hillsborough Board of Education and the Hillsborough HS Athletic Department. Please monitor all children at all times. No one is allowed to enter the any other portion of the HS.

Please alert the site manager if there is a problem.

ROSTER RULE: As this program is meant as an extension of the CYO program's proper competition level, high school varsity players are not to be rostered.


All divisions will operate under a "Substitution Rule" during the first three quarters of play and FREE Substitution during the fourth quarter.  IF – BOTH TEAMS HAVE 10 or MORE PLAYERS. In this case, a referee ‘timeout’ will be called near the 4 minute mark of each quarter for this substitutions. Players who are ‘on the bench’ for the first  4 minutes of the quarter, are required to play the FULL 2nd 4 minutes of the quarter, barring injury.

Note: Only 10 players are required to play each quarter.

Substitutions for injuries will be allowed 

SUBSTITUTION RULE: 1 or 2 TEAMS HAVE LESS THAN 10, BUT AT LEAST 6 PLAYERS: THERE WILL BE NO SUBSTITUTION RULE IN EFFECT.COACHES WILL USE FREE SUBSTITUTION. The only requirement is: Both teams are required to play as many players as the team with LESS players. This format pertains to the 1st THREE quarters, with NO specific playing time required. The 4th quarter is FREE substitution and players are NOT required to play.

  • Note: Only 10 players are required to play each quarter in any event.

CLOCK: All games will consist of four eight-minute quarters. There will be a one-minute time out between quarters. The half time intermission shall be five minutes, (disputes regarding more than 5 minutes are determined by the site manager). In the case of a tie at the end of regulation time, ONE additional four-minute period will be played to declare a winner or tie. Each team is permitted four time-outs per game, and one in the overtime period.

25 POINT RULE: If at any time in the 4th quarter a team is winning by 25 points, the clock will become a running clock for the REMAINDER of the game, stopping only for timeouts and foul shots. The clock will be stopped once the official announces a shooting foul. 

2 FOUL SHOT RULE: On the occurence of the 5th team foul in a quarter, the opposing team will shoot 2 free throws per foul for the rest of the quarter.

UNFAIR PLAY: Running up scores to a lopsided advantage is considered unfair play and will be investigated. Repeated offenses could result in offending teams losing their right to play in playoffs.

PENALTIES and EJECTIONS:  Players, coaches, parents, teams, spectators ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct, use of indecent language, violation of the rules by the site manager shall be minimally penalized as follows:

  • 1st   Offense – 1or 2 game suspension (Based on SEVERITY of the incident)
  • 2nd  Offense – SEASON suspension

Anyone ejected from a game for FIGHTING will be SUSPENDED for the REMAINER of the SEASON and possibly expelled from the league. Failure to comply will result in playoff forfeiture and the same consequences for the Head Coach of the player involved.

During the period of ANY suspension, the SUSPENDED person; player, coach, parent or spectator may not attend the team’s games. Ejection is clearly defined as no longer being allowed to remain in the building.